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Summer Vacation


Local Physical Therapist Outlines Tips for Staying Safe this Summer


Birmingham, Alabama (July 11, 2014) – Summer vacations mean relaxation and a break from daily life. It also means increased outdoor activity and for an alarming number of families, increased injury. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that common summer pastimes such as sport and recreational vehicles, barbecuing, bicycling, playgrounds, swimming and amusement parks all resulted in more than 1.3 million emergency room treated injuries in 2012.


“As families flock to picnics, playgrounds, amusement parks and beaches for summer fun, the last thing on their minds is public safety," said Ryan Hunt, clinic manager of ErgoScience Physical Therapy in Birmingham and a member of the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association (PPS).  “But it shouldn’t be. Every year I treat too many patients from injuries that shortened a vacation, when it could have been prevented.”

Before the games begin, consider these tips for staying safe and healthy this summer:

  • Incorporate a warm up and cool down before physical activity
  • Stay hydrated to avoid exhaustion, dehydration and cramping
  • Wear supportive footwear when walking for long periods of time—ditch the flip flops and bring sneakers
  • Always wear the appropriate safety gear, such as bicycle helmets
  • Be aware of the change in the level of activity, temperature, humidity and altitude of your location compared to back home—take it easy

“Backyard picnic games and summer activities are great exercise for the whole family,” said Ryan Hunt, Clinic Manager

 For ideas on how to enjoy an active and safe summer, check out The American Physical Therapy Association’s 15 summer activities checklist for families at MoveForwardPT.com.

Ryan Hunt says ErgoScience Physical Therapist doesn’t require a physician’s referral and opens its doors to anyone interested in learning more about how to have a healthy, safe and injury free summer. For more information, please visit www.esphysicaltherapy.com.

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