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Sitting posture

Increasing workplace productivity is a hot topic these days. And like many things in business, ‘productivity’ can mean different things to different people. Most businesses define productivity as the amount of work getting done every day, and that more is a good thing.  But what actually contributes to increased productivity?


For the average office worker, one proven means to ramping up output is improved workstation ergonomics. It’s no secret that sitting is bad for you. Some studies have found that sitting more than 4 hours per day has the same effect on your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes!


We are given the tools to do our jobs – desks, chairs, computers and telephones - but what about the energy required to keep motivation high and productivity growing with it? When the coffee wears off and lunch time is behind us, along comes the afternoon energy crash. 


This is where workstation ergonomics can help. Armed with properly fitted and efficiently designed equipment, workers will be more energetic, more likely to maintain their energy throughout the day. And that can’t help but boost productivity. Simple, inexpensive fixes like sit-stand desks – which encourage standing (and the health benefits that come with it) - can pay big dividends


 If your employees are still spending their days hunched over their desks in chairs that don’t promote good posture, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to deliver that much-discussed productivity jolt your employer would just love to see.

With a simple ergonomic assessment, you can put your people on the road to better posture, increased energy and the bottom line benefits that come with it. Interested? Contact one of our ergonomic specialists today at (205) 879-6447 or  info@ergoscience.com.

Want Some Help?