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Iron City Physical Therapy is integrating a motion & EMG sensor technology, the dorsaVi Movement Suite into our assessments for patients working through musculoskeletal issues and recovery from injury or surgery.

  • The dorsaVi Movement Suite uses wireless wearable sensors to provide objective data to accurately assess, prevent and manage injuries and guide rehabilitation.There are two types of sensors, movement sensors and muscle activity sensors. The sensors record data at 200 frames per second. Depending on the specific area of concern on the body, we will take your patients through a series of appropriate exercises and movements and the sensors objectively and precisely record movement. The data is instantly displayed in easy-to-read reports with clinical insights. 

    Iron City PT can design:

    • Recovery plans for better outcomes.
    • Assess pre and post-surgery patients
    • Tailor treatment plans for every individual patient.

  • The dorsaVi Movement Suite has assessment modules for low back, knee, hamstring, running and functional testing. There are also interactive “Movement Challenges” to help retrain patients on how to move better. We can also monitor patients outside the clinic for up to 24 hours.

  • The main findings that caught our attention were that patients treated with ViMove were more than 3X more likely to have clinically important reduction in pain (>30% vs. baseline) and 2.5X more likely to have clinically important (>30% vs. baseline) improvements in functional movement vs. patients receiving standard of care treatment.


If you have any questions, please let us know. Our staff members are also happy to demonstrate the dorsaVi Movement Suite for you and in-person.


Want Some Help?